A Brief Look at High-Security Access Control Systems

keys on blue background

Simply installing locks on your doors may not be enough to keep some intruders out. A basic lock can be broken, or someone could use a duplicate key to unlock it. If you’re looking to tighten your home or business’s security, you should consider installing high-security access control systems with key control.

High-security access control systems are designed to limit the number of people who can enter a given space. A good high-security deadbolt should provide stalwart protection in case someone attempts to enter with a duplicate key. Medeco makes a number of high-security access control systems, including the Maxum deadbolt, which is made of solid brass and exceeds the highest standards for auxiliary locks. It also comes with a one-inch bolt that can withstand burglars’ saws and crowbars. Further, the Maxum deadbolt is designed to protect against unauthorized key duplication.

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