Benefits of Having Keyless Entry for Your Home

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Countless homeowners already know the security benefits of having tamper-resistant fireproof safes in their home to store their valuables, but many do not realize the benefits that other security upgrades can bring. Modern technology provides many devices and products that can help you make your home safer and guard against intrusion and theft. Keyless door locks , for example, provide numerous benefits.

Increased Convenience
How many times have you had to dig around in your pockets or in your purse to find your keys when arriving home with your arms full of groceries? Or perhaps you have asked a friend or family member to house-sit when you are out of town, and you have had to track down your set of spare keys or even visit the hardware store to have new ones cut. With convenient keyless entry , all you do is type a code on your keypad in order to get into your home.

Improved Security
Many homeowners keep a spare key hidden somewhere on their property in case they get locked out. Unfortunately, professional criminals know the most common hiding places for these keys, including under a welcome mat, over a door jamb, or even inside a fake rock. Having a keyless entry installed on your door prevents anyone who does not know the code from gaining access to your home unless they forcibly break in and damage the door and lock, which will trigger an alarm.

Enhanced Vigilance
Keyless entry systems can record data that will tell you when someone attempted to open your door, successfully or unsuccessfully. If anyone tries to enter the wrong code, the system will record the attempt. If your keyless entry is connected to your home alarm system as it should be, it can also alert the police after a certain number of failed entry attempts.

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