Choosing the Right Wall Safe for Your Home

Having a safe that you trust to protect your most valued possessions can provide you with invaluable peace of mind. A wall safe, which can be hidden by your home’s walls and is nearly impossible for even the most wily of thieves to find, may offer exactly this type of protection. In order to choose the best wall safe for your home , consider the following factors when shopping at the locksmith.

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In order to conceal a wall safe entirely, its dimensions must be smaller than those of your home’s walls. Measure the wall cavities in your home, and choose a wall safe or have one designed that will comfortably fit within them. It is possible that not all valuables you wish to store in your safe will fit in it.

Fire Rating
As an added protective measure, splurge on a safe that is rated to withstand fiery temperatures for a few hours. While home fires are less common than home burglaries, they are another unfortunate way to lose important documents and belongings you care about.

Access Control Features
Some safes require a combination to open. Others require a key. Some require both. Advances in biometrics have added fingerprint scanners to the mix of  safe access control options. Think about which options you would prefer and why. In addition to preventing thieves from getting into your safe, you may also want to think about your children—especially where gun safes are concerned.

Are you looking for the perfect wall safe for your Orlando home? To speak with a professional locksmith who can help you find and install a state-of-the-art theft and fire resistant safe in your home,  call Armstrong Lock & Security Products  at (407) 434-0181. Since 1929, we have been serving Central Florida with pride.

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