How to Teach Your Kids About Home Security

When you are a parent, it is your job to keep your children safe. You can do this by educating your kids so that they follow the proper course of action in potentially dangerous situations. Here is how to teach your kids about home security.

Mother with son at doorway

Small Children
It is never too early to teach your kids how to keep themselves safe. Teaching kids how to stay safe at a young age is especially important if they are often left home under the supervision of their siblings. Tell young children that they should not open the door for someone when an adult is not there. They should also refrain from answering the phone when a parent is not home. Show your children how to lock doors properly in order to keep the home secure.  Your family should have a plan  for evacuating the house in the event of a fire or related emergency.

Today’s kids are using technology at a younger and younger age. Unfortunately, this often threatens their security. If your child is active on social media websites, make sure that they are not posting information that could end up harming them. For example, they should not post about being home alone if their parents go out; this may invite potential criminals to attempt to access your home. You should also show your tween how to use your security system.

If you have older children, have them help you teach their younger siblings about home security. Teenagers should know how to use the home security and access control systems. If they have smartphones, teach them how to do this using apps. When you have a new home security system installed, make sure your teen is involved so that he or she can understand how everything works and understand potential weaknesses.

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