Important Safety Rules for Gun Storage

The first step towards becoming a responsible gun owner is purchasing and installing a gun safe in your home. A gun safe is important for any gun owner, but is especially imperative if you have children or adolescents living at home. Of course, you also need to make sure that your weapon can be easily accessed should the time ever come when you need to quickly retrieve it in an emergency situation. Here are some tips and rules for storing guns in a gun safe that will help you strike a balance between security and accessibility.

handgun with bullets

Keep Your Guns Locked
In addition to  keeping your firearms securely locked inside a gun safe , use a secure locking device on all of your weapons. Trigger locks and cable locks are two of the most common locks used to block a firearm’s operation. To ensure quick access to your weapons, keep the lock keys and the safe keys together.

Store Unloaded Firearms Only
The National Rifle Association recommends that gun owners keep their weapons unloaded until they are ready to be used. This is particular important for gun owners who have children or adolescents living at home, as children may easily learn how to unlock a gun safe if care isn’t taken when opening and closing a gun safe.

Place Ammunition in a Separate Safe
Should a child or burglar gain access to your gun safe, you want to make sure that there are no bullets to load inside the guns. Place ammunition inside a separate safe on top or beside the gun safe. You can even place the small ammunition safe  inside  the gun safe, so long as it remains locked.

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