Tips for Cleaning a Gun Before Long-Term Storage


One of the most important steps for any gun owner to take before placing his or her firearm in a gun safe is to make sure that the weapon is clean. Failing to clean the gun can cause it to fire less accurately or even become worn and eventually jam. Here is a guide to cleaning your gun before placing it into long-term storage.

Pistol disassembled for cleaning

Use the Right Equipment
The best place to start when it comes to  cleaning your gun  is to collect all of the right equipment you will need for the process. To begin with, make sure you have a cleaning cradle to securely hold your gun in place while you clean it with two hands. You will also need two cleaning rods, including one with a bronze brush attached and one that includes a jag.

Employ Aerosol Cleaners for Hard-to-Reach Areas
In addition to using the right equipment, you will also need to employ the right cleaners in order to get your gun clean before placing it into a safe. Aerosol cleaners are often recommended for the trigger components of the gun. However, since they can be irritating and even harmful to your respiratory system, be sure to use them outdoors or in a garage that is well-ventilated.

Safeguard Against Rust
After cleaning the trigger components with an aerosol cleaner, be sure to coat the recently cleaned surface with some type of protective solution that will prevent it from rusting. After all, rust is one of the biggest threats to the integrity of your gun. In order to prevent the steel in your gun from corroding, steer clear of solvents that contain ammonia.

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