Tips for Single Women to Feel Safe at Home

Today, many single women live alone and even own their own homes. However, criminals may specifically target single women because they believe them to be easy prey. A smart, well-prepared woman can prove the criminals wrong by taking steps to ensure that she is safe and secure at home. The tips below can help single women, or anyone who lives alone, feel safe and avoid exposing themselves to preventable dangers.

Be Careful When Entering or Exiting
Many women are vigilant and careful when walking in areas such as parking garages, especially late at night. However, they may let their guard down as soon as they have parked in front of their home or in their garages. Always be alert, and monitor your surroundings carefully both when you leave for work in the morning and when you return home at night. Install automatic motion-sensor lights on your porch and inside your garage to deter criminals from loitering.

Install Secure Access Control
To make your home as secure as possible against breaking and entering, have a professional locksmith install high-security locks on all your doors, with chains and deadbolts for extra protection. Also, consider having a keyless entry system installed on the door you use most often; this can help you enter your home quickly after dark without having to fumble in your purse for your keys.

Store Firearms in a Gun Safe
Many single women choose to keep a handgun in the house for personal safety and defense against home invaders. You should keep your handgun hidden in a secure location where you can quickly access it in case of an emergency, but you should store larger firearms, such as hunting rifles, in a gun safe. This will prevent any criminal who may gain access to your home from using these larger weapons against you.

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