Understanding the Different Grades of Lock

closed door and the key

When buying a lock, you likely don’t think much about its grade. However, buying a lock with a high grade is important for keeping your home or business safe from burglars. Locks are tested and given a grade of 1, 2, or 3 by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, with 1 being the highest quality and 3 being the lowest.

One factor that determines a lock’s grade is the minimum weight it can withstand before breaking. Grade 1 knob locks must withstand 300 lb.-in, while grade 1 lever locks must withstand 450 lb.-in. Compare that with 120 lb.-in. and 180 lb.-in. for grade 3 knob and lever locks. Experts recommend that homes and businesses install grade 2 or 3 locks on their doors for better protection. Upgrading your locks could be just enough to prevent would-be thieves from breaking into your property.

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