A Brief History of Locks

Lock and Keys

Estimated to be approximately 4,000 years old, the oldest known lock was discovered in the Khorsabad palace ruins close to Nineveh. The technology behind this lock used a large wooden bolt to secure a door containing several holes in its upper surface. Wooden pegs filled these holes in order to prevent the bolt from being opened.

In 1857, James Sargent created the first successful key-changeable combination lock, which became incredibly popular with the United States Treasury Department. A number of years later in 1916, a former New York City police officer named Samuel Segal invented the jimmy proof lock. Another huge advancement in lock technology came in 1921, when Harry Soref patented an improved version of the padlock, which was constructed of layers of material. Each of these inventions greatly contributed to the state of the art locking technology that is relied on around the world to secure valuable assets.

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