Redefining convenience with door operators.

Providing accessible entryways.

Automatic door openers offer an easy and cost-effective way to provide residences or businesses with ADA-compliant and accessible entryways, simplifying opening doors for individuals with limited mobility. Our highly-skilled security technicians can install and service door operators to best fit your needs, from trusted brands such as Norton, Falcon, LCN, Besam, DormaKaba, and Detex.

A Welcoming Environment

The ADA ensures that your business is accessible to all kinds of customers and a well-designed entrance gives your customers a memorable first impression. There are many ways to make your entryways secure and safe for everyone, including installing buttons connected to automatic doors that individuals with limited mobility can press to open doors.

Ease Traffic Flow

Automatic high-traffic door operators that open with the help of motion sensors are a great solution for businesses or areas with high foot traffic. These door operators allow a stream of people to enter quickly and help you avoid slowdowns near your entryways, and can be installed in museums, movie theaters, hotels, and more.

Keep Your Cool

It doesn’t take very long for a room to heat up when a door is left open. Installing a door operator will help your business save money and regulate temperature by keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter, ensuring your customers and guests are comfortable during their visit.

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