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Protect and preserve your safe.

Many businesses and homeowners rely on safes for the protection and security of their valuables. Meanwhile, the safes rely on professional locksmiths in order to keep things running smoothly. As your Central Florida locksmith and security providers, we provide safe opening, installation, maintenance, repair services, and more. If you need a safe, Armstrong Lock & Security Products is here for you.

Safe Care

When properly cared for, a top-of-the-line safe has the ability to last decades. To ensure your safe is offering maximum functionality, it is important to take steps such as keeping it in an air-conditioned area, not slamming the door or jamming it with documents. If you experience issues beyond the norm, keep the safe unlocked, and call us – this will allow us to service it quicker and save you money.

Safe Opening

Keeping your important documents or valuables in a safe is smart, but what happens if you can’t access them? If you’ve lost the combination to your safe or the combination does not work, we can help. Using special tools and equipment, our skilled professionals can diagnose problems and open your safe without compromising its strength and security.

Safe Installation

Our expert locksmiths are experienced at installing residential and commercial safes and will present options that will meet your security, specifications and budgetary requirements. A reliable service provider for installing safes, our team can handle the installation of any safe, ensuring your experience is speedy, professional and hassle-free.

Safe Maintenance

It is essential for your safe to be serviced regularly to ensure it is functioning properly, such as cleaning out the safe’s lock mechanisms or adjusting the hinges, to ensure the security and longevity of it. Our locksmiths are ready to provide regular maintenance, and additional services such as moving safes to new locations, changing combinations, and more.

Our team is ready to help.

Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial security solutions or locksmith services, Armstrong Lock & Security Products delivers trusted products and services to fit your needs. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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