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Fire doors are doors used in residential and commercial structures to keep fires contained should they break out, preventing the fire from spreading to other areas of your property. This can greatly decrease structural damage and provide inhabitants with a safe escape in the event of a fire. By ensuring your fire doors are up to code, you are making a choice to protect your property investment and those who inhabit it.

Protect Your Building’s Structural Integrity

Fire-rated doors play a vital role in minimizing property damage by preventing the breakdown of doors. It is recommended that those installing fire-rated doors consider sealing the frames, creating a barrier around the door gaps and preventing smoke from seeping in.

Quick & Safe Evacuation of Occupants

Keep your people’s wellbeing and best interest top of mind. Creating a safe barrier between the fire and the victims, fire doors are often used to prevent the loss of life, protect various exit points and to create fire-safe areas within your building.

No Need To Compromise Style

With Armstrong Lock & Security Products’ fire-rated doors, you can enjoy safety without sacrificing the architectural integrity of your property. There are hundreds of style options to choose from, with 20, 45, and 90-minute ratings, based on the timed exposure of flames the door and assembly can handle.

Comprehensive Inspection Services

If you are looking for a professional team to inspect your fire door and ensure it is up to code, look no further than our experts. Let our experienced team inspect your fire door and provide you with the necessary information and resources you need to keep your property safe and up to code.

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Those who schedule an annual fire door inspection can enjoy priority scheduling and discounted rates on additional services. Efficient and thorough, at Armstrong Lock & Security Products, we take fire door inspections seriously.

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