A Guide to Buying a Home Safe


A home safe can help to protect your belongings from all sorts of threats. The type of safe you decide to buy will depend on what type of protection you need. Here is a guide to buying a home safe.

Safe Combo Dial

Type of Lock
Different types of safes have different types of locks. If you are prone to losing things, it would probably be best to get a safe with  a dial or electronic code  rather than a lock that only opens for a key. This is also advantageous in that the key can be stolen but, as long as you do not write it down, your access code cannot.

Type of Protection
In addition to robbers, people may want to protect their belongings from various different threats. People who live in dry areas where fires frequently occur may want to purchase a fireproof safe. Alternatively, others may want to obtain a waterproof safe. The packaging for these safes will typically describe the extent of the protection it provides. Many fireproof safes can handle extreme heat and flames for one or two hours, and many waterproof safes can be fully submerged for one or two hours as well. Armstrong Lock & Security Products offers safes with warranties so that even your protection is protected.

The bigger your safe is, the harder it is to steal. This means that even if you do not need all the room that the safe offers, it still may be a wise investment to go large. Safes that are comparable in size to a miniature refrigerator are typically difficult to discreetly remove from a home. Heavier safes are also usually sturdier and therefore provide additional protection for your valuable belongings. No matter how big your safe is, Armstrong Lock & Security Products will happily deliver it to your home.

For more information about home safes, contact the security experts at  Armstrong Lock & Security Products. We provide the Orlando area with a multitude of security services including access control systems, surveillance, and lock hardware. If you would like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to visit our website or call us at (407) 434-0181.

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