An Inside Look at a Combination Lock

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Whether you’re preparing to securely store your firearms or have plans to lock up crucial documents such as your Social Security cards and passports, you want to be sure that the safe you choose offers the right amount of protection. One style of safes that your access control specialists may recommend is one that opens using a combination lock. This type of lock relies on three cams that lie within that have to work in unison to release the lock. When you turn the lock to reach each number in your combination, teeth on these cams rotate, engage a latch to to fit into carefully crafted indentations, before eventually releasing the U-shaped component on top, known as the hasp.

While the engineering behind the basic combination lock may sound complex, each unique safeguard works to ensure that the contents being protected by the lock are out of reach for intruders. Here at Armstrong Lock & Security Products we offer safes, including gun safes, that open using combination locks, keys, and even biometric data. To learn more about our safes as well as our locksmith services or our CCTV products, call (407) 434-0181.

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