Common Features Burglars Look for in a Home

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The United States Office of Justice Programs defines burglary as unwelcome, and sometimes forceful entry inside of a residence. The ultimate purpose of this crime is typically to obtain valuable possessions in another person’s house. One way that you can keep your house from becoming a burglary target is to learn the common features that these criminals look for in a home.

Expensively designed houses
If your property is the most lavishly decorated in the neighborhood, then it will stand out to burglars. Instead of making sure that your house is the best looking property on the block, you should be keeping a conforming, low profile appearance that blends into the overall neighborhood style.

Lack of deterrents
Fences and automatic porch lights are both great measures to keep away determined thieves, but you should also take some security measures that aren’t so explicitly visible. For example, using a personal safe in your home to keep your important possessions and documents is a great way to deter potential thieves. You should also make sure that there are adequate lock and alarm systems on both your front and back doors.

Lavish interior items
A common tactic of home burglars is to pose as a salesman or someone in need of a glass of water just to get a glimpse of the items you have throughout your house. The best way to ensure that a potential thief doesn’t get a look at your interior items is to not let any strangers inside. A home safe hidden somewhere in your house can also be extremely useful in this situation because it ensures that whatever valuables you place inside of the safe remain out of view.

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