Convenience vs. Security

We live in a time where connectivity is king.  The IOT or Internet of Things has now become an important part of a buyers decision making process when it comes to their vehicle, small and large kitchen appliances, office tools, even toilets?!?  But when does the convenience of connectivity interfere with the importance of security?  With the surge in residential door hardware, this is a valid question.  How can I balance the convenience I’ve become accustom to with connective products, but still make sure my locks offer a high level of security?

There are many different connected locks on the market today.  Some with virtual keys, others with keypads. There some that connected directly to Wi-Fi, and there are a handful that require a bridge or hub.  A couple of brands offer a free online platform to manage the device, while others charge a small monthly fee to gain access.  While your options are almost endless, the portion we are talking about today is, the “key override option”.  While some locks offer a completely keyless option, meaning no key cylinder at all on the outside, others still have this override option in event the electronics fail, the battery dies, or the end-user forgets their code.

Usually this override option is a standard keyway which is very common.  In fact, most use a keyway that is in line with 90% of the locks on today’s market.  So while you feel you’ve improved your security by installing a lock that works with your code or your phone, you still have standard builder grade option to open the door mechanically.  This is also the case with most Commercial Applications when an access control system is installed.  There is usually a mechanical override option that is overlooked.

We recommend these cylinders to be replaced with a UL tested and approved high security locking system like Medeco, Schlage Primus, or Mul-T-Lock.  These companies have developed mechanical and electro-mechanical cylinders that will increase the level of security on your door opening, all while you are able to keep the convenience of your connected locking system.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that when you add an access control system to your commercial building that you have improved security, or that if you have a connected lock on the front door of your home that you are safer.  Speak with an expert from Armstrong Lock & Security Products and we can help you find the right products and systems that improve both convenience and security.  Giving you the peace of mind you deserve and the level of convenience you desire.