Deciding Between Replacing or Rekeying Your Locks

Whether you’re concerned about door security, or your front door locks are continually sticking and jamming, a residential locksmith serving Orlando can help. When you hire a locksmith, you’ll need to decide if you want to replace your door locks completely, or simply have them rekeyed. Here is a look at each process so that you can determine which one is best for your needs.

When to Replace Door Locks Locks
There are a variety of reasons that a homeowner might choose to replace his door locks. Door locks become worn out over time, and your key might begin sticking or jamming in the door as you try to turn it. The door might not even open at all, even when you’re using the proper key. In this situation, it won’t be possible to rekey the door locks, and they will have to be replaced. Door locks are also often replaced for aesthetic reasons. If you renovated your home or recently put it on the market, you might want to upgrade your door locks. Finally, many people replace their door locks for increased security. They might upgrade to a keyless door lock system, for instance.

When to Rekey Door Locks
The primary reason that people rekey their door locks is for increased door security. If you have recently evicted a roommate, or if you have moved into a new place and aren’t sure whether anyone else still holds a key to your home, you should contact a locksmith for rekeying. You might also choose to rekey your door locks if you have lost your keys and aren’t sure who might have found them and kept them.

Why You Should Use a Locksmith Rather than Doing it Yourself
It is typically better to hire a licensed, insured locksmith to replace or rekey your locks. If you don’t do the job right, you’ll end up spending even more money hiring a professional to fix your mistakes. Many homeowner’s insurance companies even require that locksmith services be completed by a professional.