Different Types of Safes for Your Home

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You’ve made the decision to improve the safety and security of your belongings by installing a safe from Armstrong Lock & Security Products—now it’s time to determine what type of safe is most appropriate for your home. Different types of safes are designed for different needs, so it’s critical that you choose one that works best in your home for your purposes. Here are some different features to consider when purchasing a new safe for your Orlando home.

Fire, Burglary, and Water Resistance
While most home safes are designed for general use, some are certified to be resistant against fire, burglary, water damage, or some combination of the three. If your biggest concern is theft, a burglary-resistant safe is the best option. If other security measures are in place, a fire- or water-resistant safe may be the better choice.

Size and Placement of Your Safe
Safes for the home come in a variety of sizes. Thinking about what you intend to stow in your safe allows you to determine the most appropriate size. For example, if you only intend to store a few pieces of jewelry, you may not need a large safe intended for document storage. You should also think about whether your safe needs to be stored or concealed in a specific area. For extra security, consider a floor or wall safe to make it harder to find.

Special Applications
Finally, consider choosing a specialized safe designed for your specific use. For example, if you intend to store firearms in the safe, it makes most sense to purchase a gun safe since the interior of these safes are designed ideally for safe and secure gun storage. Additionally, some gun safes are designed for short-term storage or quick access during an emergency. This type of accessibility may not be available in safes designed for general use.

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