Disguising Your Residential Safe

Today’s burglars have more tools at their disposal than ever before. Though security equipment such as CCTV systems and high-security locks can provide important lines of defense, the best way to protect your valuables from theft is to install a safe in your home. To add another layer of protection, you should hide your safe. Below you will find tips for disguising a safe inside your home.

Avoid Obvious Placement

You have probably seen movies or television shows where characters have hidden home safes behind paintings, photographs, or mirrors. Often these items are placed in the master bedroom or home office. However, criminals have likely seen these shows or movies as well. After breaking into your home, many burglars may immediately begin knocking frames off the wall in an attempt to locate hidden safes.

Choose a Secure Location

Home invaders often operate quickly, snatching valuables from obvious places such as jewelry boxes and desk drawers. If the safe containing your most valuable possessions is well-hidden, a burglar may not have time to find and crack it. Consider having a locksmith install your home safe behind a fake electrical panel in your laundry room or utility closet. If the architecture of your home and foundation allow, you may even wish to install the safe in floor.

Ensure Your Safe Is Accessible to You

Before finalizing the placement of your home safe, consider how often you will need to open it. If you plan to access your valuables once a month or even less often, then you might want to install a floor safe and hide it underneath a rug, a couch, or another piece of furniture. If, however, you intend to use your safe to store jewelry, watches, or other items that you use on a weekly or daily basis, a wall safe will be more convenient for you.

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