Essential Information for Keeping Your Home Secure


The holiday season is a time to appreciate what you have, spend time with your friends and family, and enjoy the festivities taking place around you. Unfortunately, it is also a time during which thieves are especially active, seeking to catch households unawares and loot new electronics and other valuables. To keep your home secure this holiday season, take the following precautions.

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Keep Doors Locked at All Times
Having a steady flow of visitors show up at your place for a holiday gathering may tempt you to leave  your front door  unlocked so that visitors can let themselves in on arrival. This sort of protocol is a thief’s fantasy, and any impulse you have to leave your door unlocked should be ignored. Instead, consider installing maximum-security locks on your home’s doors to make breaking and entering even harder for would-be thieves.

Shield Signs of Expensive Gifts
Widescreen TV boxes and other large packaging materials are viewed by some criminals as an invitation to enter your home and steal. Take care with any valuables you purchase or are gifted this holiday season, especially large ones. Store them in a closet or other hidden space up until shortly before the gift giving commences, rather than setting them by the tree. Break down boxes and put them in your garbage bin rather than next to it, storing excess packaging materials in your garage or elsewhere until space for them opens up in your garbage bin.

Beef Up Your Home’s Security System
In addition to having high-security lock systems affixed to your doors, consider upgrading your home’s security infrastructure with a home surveillance system. CCTV security cameras deter most thieves and greatly improve the chances of catching criminals bold enough to trespass anyway.

If you believe that having a more secure home will give you more peace of mind this holiday season, you should contact a professional locksmith to beef up your home’s security measures. This will enable you to better enjoy yourself and the company of your friends and family during this special time of year. To speak with an security professional about having  high-security locks  and a fire-resistant safe installed in your Orlando home, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (321) 800-4982.


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