Home Security: Protection vs. Detection

Home security comes in two separate categories: protection and detection. Both have important roles to play and can work together to keep your family safe. Here is a look at the different options you have for protection and detection, from electronic locks in Orlando to surveillance cameras.

Protection Solutions Home Security
As the name suggestions, home security that falls into the category of protection proactively works to keep unwanted people out of your home. The ultimate type of protection in home security is a door lock. Your door locks protect what is inside your home – from your possessions to your family – and keep intruders out. There are a number of different kinds of door locks you can choose for protection. Deadbolt locks may seem old fashioned but are still around because they are effective. Keyless door locks add another level of protection. They cannot be opened without an access code, which means your doors cannot be opened by anyone who doesn’t have the combination. Some keyless locks have a keypad at the door, while electronic locks can be controlled via your smart device from anywhere. Because keyless locks are so difficult to breach and there are no keys that can be lost or stolen, they are becoming a preferred method of home protection for many people.

Detection Solutions
Detection doesn’t actively protect your home from intruders. Instead, detection security systems allow you to know when a potential intruder is around so you can take actions to activate your protection systems. Detection systems including things like CCTV systems, motion detectors, and traditional home security systems that sound when someone opens a locked door or window. Detection systems give you a chance to take steps to protect your home and family and monitor who is near your property. When used in conjunction with systems that provide protection, detection can give you valuable advanced warning when faced with a threat.