How a Safe Can Help You Protect Your Valuables


To ensure your peace of mind in the event of an emergency or misfortune, keep your valuables stored in a secure, accessible place. A safe provides security for your items, and you can keep it right in your home. Read on for a few of the reasons why owning a safe is a great way to protect your valuables.

Preserves Contents 
Many people store their valuable items in a bank safe deposit box. This seems like a secure option because banks offer excellent 24-hour security and alarm systems. However, bank vaults are usually designed to be fireproof, but not waterproof. In the event of a flood or other natural disaster, your items might be vulnerable in a safe deposit box. A fireproof, waterproof safe can make sure your valuables are preserved and remain dry in the midst of any unexpected occurrence.

Easily Accessible
Storing important original documents, such as receipts, wills, and funerary directives in a safe deposit box is not a good idea. These documents require immediate access, and bank safe deposit boxes are usually sealed when the bank receives a death notice. When this happens, estate representatives have to provide court papers to the bank to gain access to the box. To avoid the hassle and wasted time, keep these important documents in a safe that is easily accessible within your home.

Contents Are Insured
Money that is kept in a bank safe deposit box is not FDIC insured. The FDIC only insures deposits in accounts that are held in banks. This doesn’t include the contents of the safe deposit box associated with the account. The contents of a safe deposit box are rarely insured. If you want to keep extra cash, documents, or other valuables safe and insured, store them in a safe at your home. Items within your home are typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

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