How Do Combination Locks Work?

At some point in your life you have probably seen or used a combination lock, but you might not be sure how this special type of padlock works. You must manipulate several components in order to open a combination lock, making it relatively difficult to crack. Read on if you would like to learn about how combination locks work.


There are quite a few different features that allow a combination lock to work, and they might vary from model to model. In most cases, the primary locking mechanism will be the wheel pack. The combination dial is the component that you use to operate the lock; the spindle, which is attached to the dial on the inside of the lock, interacts with the drive cam and wheels. The drive pin and wheel fly also help the combination lock to operate.


The exact operation of a combination lock depends on the amount of numbers it takes to complete the combination. Each number has its own wheel, each of which is operated by the combination dial. Each wheel also features a notch and a tab. As you correctly enter the numbers using the combination dial, each wheel connects with the one next to it. Once you have input each part of the combination in the proper order, all of the wheels’ notches will be aligned. This will cause the lock to unlatch, and access will be granted.


Combination locks may range in effectiveness. Even a standard combination comprised of three numbers may be difficult to crack, but locks with additional numbers offer substantially combinations and may give a potential intruder or thief a much more difficult time. It is best to consult with your locksmith when deciding what type of lock is best for your needs.

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