How to Maintain Your Door Locks

A door lock is the final line of defense between your family and an intruder. However, many people don’t realize that locks need maintenance like any other mechanical system in their homes. Whatever high-security locks in Orlando you have, these tips will help you make sure every door lock at your home is in top condition.

Make Sure Doors Are Hung Correctly
If a door is hung very poorly, you will know it because the lock will not engage all the way or even at all. However, minor misalignments in how doors are hung may not be immediately noticeable, though they put a significant amount of pressure on the lock. If your door sags or binds, it could be doing damage to your lock and eventually cause a failure that could lock you in or out of your home. To check your doors, ensure that the gaps between the door and the frame are even and less than a quarter of an inch thick.

Clean and Lubricate Your Locks Door Locks
Door locks need to be cleaned and lubricated, but following the right procedures is important. Locks should be lubricated once per year using a dry lubricant or graphite lubricant. Spray the lubricant into the lock and then move a key in and out several times to remove any excess. Door locks should also be periodically cleaned with a damp rag. Using cleaners other than a mild detergent can cause the lock to deteriorate and remove the finish. High-security locks, including electronic locks and keyless door locks, often have specialized cleaning instructions, so read the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult with a locksmith.

Use Original Keys to Make Duplicates
When you get a new lock, set aside one of the original keys specifically for making copies. Keys wear out before locks, so needing to replace one is inevitable. As your key wears down, the structure changes, so when you make a copy with a worn key, it won’t work as well. Combine that with the variance that always occurs when keys are duplicated, and eventually it may be difficult to get a working key if you don’t have the original.