How to Protect Your Home When You Vacation This Summer

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Escaping to somewhere a little less humid is something that many Floridians love to do in the summertime. One of the only downsides to a summer getaway is the unease that means leaving one’s home unattended. While there may not be anything you can do to make your home 100% burglar proof, the following home perimeter and access control tips can provide you with considerable peace of mind as you prepare to get away from Orlando for a few weeks.

Employ a Neighbor’s Help
Ask someone you can trust to look after your home. Have this person collect your newspaper and mail so that they do not pile up, tipping prospective burglars off to the fact that you are not home. Politely request that your trustworthy neighbor alerts you of any suspicious activity that he or she sees on your property while you are away.

Check Your Locks
Make sure your locks and the doors they are designs to lock are in good repair. For additional peace of mind, hire a locksmith to upgrade your doors with high security locks.

Showcase Your Home’s Security System
A video monitoring system is a great asset to any residential burglar defense strategy. Even if you do not have or want to spend the money on a home security system, you can advertise that your home is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Time Your Lights
Set your home’s exterior and landscaping lighting so that they come on automatically in the evening. This is just one of many measures you can take to deceive burglars into thinking you are home when you are not.

Lock Up Your Valuables
Invest in a safe, which can provide you with an extra layer of protection for your most valuable and irreplaceable possessions. You may also want to use it for the safekeeping of commonly burglarized items , such as laptops, jewelry, cameras and other electronics, and firearms.

If you would like for your upcoming summer vacation to be both a physical and mental departure from Orlando, Armstrong Lock & Security Products can help you beef up your home’s burglar defense before you take off. To speak with an experienced locksmith about our high quality home safes and access control systems , call (321) 800-4982.

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