Important Documents You Should Store in Your Home’s Safe

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If you need a secure, yet accessible place to store important documents, a home safe could be your best option. A quality home safe provides your documents protection against all sorts of hazards, while keeping them available to you at all times. Here’s a list of some documents you may want to keep in your secure home safe :

Passports, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards
With the risk of identity theft an ever-growing concern, keeping your most important identification documents safe and secure is crucial. Your passport, birth certificate, and original social security card can provide all of the information a crook needs to steal your identity. They are also difficult to replace once lost. Keeping these documents in a home safe will keep them safely in your possession.

Treasured Documents
Sometimes, the documents most important to you have no real value other than to your memories. Whether your most treasured documents are old letters, report cards, or family photos, storing these items in a home safe can help keep them safe from fire and loss. Home storage will also keep them accessible to you should you ever want to take a stroll down memory lane.

It always helps to be prepared for the unexpected. If you have a will, a home safe may be the best place to store it. Bank safety deposit boxes are often sealed immediately upon notification of a person’s death. A home safe will give your family immediate access to your will if they should need it. To ensure timely access, make sure you securely share you safe’s access information with a loved one.

When it comes to protecting your most treasured valuables, there is no alternative to a secure home safe. At Armstrong Lock & Security Products, we offer a full stock of depository safes for all of your document storage needs. To explore our inventory, visit our Orlando location or call us at (321) 800-4982.

Be sure to ask your CPA for specifics, but, by purchasing a safe and storing tax documents in the safe you can use it as a tax write off.  Saving every little bit counts!

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