Keep Your Work Files Safe with the Simplex Security Guard

Chain and file stack

From innovative product plans that you wish to protect from prying eyes to classified client information, there may be a number of work files in your office that you wish to keep under lock and key. Since lock-equipped filing cabinets offer only limited protection, it is safer to keep all highly sensitive and private documents in an office safe rather than in a locking file cabinet. Unfortunately, safes can be expensive and are generally not designed for the storage of files that you wish to keep readily accessible to you.

The FG Series File Guard from Simplex is the perfect office file security solution, as it allows you to transform your filing cabinet into a safe without forcing you to spend a fortune or come up with a new method for organizing sensitive files. A professional locksmith equips your existing filing cabinet with a heavy-duty steel channel bar that prevents access to your files without the correct combination code. To learn more about this affordable office security solution, or to arrange to have an experienced locksmith install the Simplex File Guard in your Orlando home, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (407) 434-0181.

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