The Benefits of Medeco eCylinder Access Control [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you own a business, access control is one of the biggest challenges you face. Allowing employees to do their jobs sometimes means giving them unfettered access to your workplace, even when you’d rather be able to restrict when and how they can use their keys. With Medeco eCylinder, your access control system issues could finally be solved. With this system, you can create keys that expire, only give access to certain people at certain times, and track exactly who is using keys on any locked area of your business—including to access files. Medeco eCylinder is easy to use and less obtrusive than other access control systems, like traditional electronic systems. Find out more in this infographic from Armstrong Lock & Security Products Consult us when you need a commercial locksmith in Orlando for advice about locking systems and more. Please share this information with others in your company and start a conversation about your security needs today.