Tips for Choosing a Safe

Protecting your valuables in a home safe is a great way to avoid burglaries and identity

theft. Home safes can be used to lock up your jewelry, guns, and important identification

documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. A locksmith or

lock and security products company can help you find the best home safe for protecting

your valuables and avoiding burglars. Here are some tips on how to begin choosing the

right safe for your needs.

Fire Rated Safes

Fire Rated safes are the best option for storing and protecting valuable documents that

can’t be replaced and are vulnerable to fire. These may include tax documents, family

photographs, deeds, titles, and leases, wills and other estate planning documents, birth

certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. These irreplaceable documents will be

safe from fire damage, and from burglars who could use your identifying information to

commit fraud or identity theft. When looking for one for home or business use, look for

safes that have a fire rating of 1 hour or more.

Gun Safes

Gun safes keep your guns out of the hands of burglars, and out of reach of family

members or guests who are too young or inexperienced to safely operate them. Many

states require that gun owners prevent anyone else from accessing their guns, which

makes a gun safe a necessity for gun storage. Many gun safes also have additional

security features, such as fire and water protection, a combination lock, or fingerprint


Wall Safes

Wall safes are excellent security safes because they can be easily concealed from view,

making it easy to avoid a burglar’s detection. However, most of the security in these

safes comes from the fact that it is hidden. They are more vulnerable to vandalism and


At Armstrong Lock & Security Products, we offer a variety of different home safes in

Orlando. Come in and talk to one of our experienced staff members, who will help you

pick out the best security safe for your needs. For more information about our security

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