Understanding Different Dead Bolt Options

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Dead bolt locks are among the more reliable types of locks for security purposes. There are different types of dead bolt locks, and they are appropriate for different situations. Here is a look at the different dead bolt options that are available.

Surface Mount Dead Bolt
When it comes to surface mount dead bolts, you have a variety of options in terms of the amount of cylinders, models, and point of access. Surface mount dead bolts may be purchased in one- and two-cylinder versions, and their models include rim and jamb. If you have a dead bolt lock on the inside that is not accessible from the exterior, you can simply turn the latch on the inside of the door and bolt the door shut. Many surface mount dead bolts feature key access from the outside as well.

Internal Dead Bolt
An internal dead bolt is similar to a surface mount dead bolt in that it comes with different options. However, internal dead bolts tend to be more secure than surface mount dead bolts. There are different choices when it comes to level of security, type of entry, and even material from which the lock is made. The dead bolt is inside the door in all cases, and the exterior of the door may feature key access or a combination code. Some of the locks that require combination codes are bump-proof for extra peace of mind. Inputting the correct combination or key will allow you to remove the bolt and open the door. If you are looking for the most secure lock, choose a steel model.

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