Understanding How Padlocks Work

Anyone who has used a gym locker room is familiar with a padlock. These small, portable security devices allow you to temporarily secure your valuables, and many homeowners use them to secure tool sheds or yard gates. Though many different designs exist, all padlocks share two basic features. Every padlock has a shackle, which is the curved metal loop that hooks through an opening to hold the locker door or gate shut. Every padlock also has a body, which houses the locking mechanism that keeps the shackle shut until you open it. Padlocks can be secured with a key, or the body may contain a combination mechanism for keyless access.

Though a padlock is ideal to secure your wallet and clothing while you work out, or to lock a storage unit at a facility with 24/7 security, it is not the ideal security device for home or office use. Determined criminals can easily use bolt cutters, chisels, or other simple hand tools to snap the shackle on store-bought padlocks and gain access to your yard or tool shed.

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