What Attracts Burglars to Businesses?

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The average business is worth much more than the average home. Unfortunately for business owners, burglars are well aware of this. The lure of cash stashed behind a counter; the presence of valuable items in window displays; and the predictability of entering an unoccupied business based on advertised opening and closing hours often lead thieves to attempt commercial break-ins and even daytime burglaries. To strengthen your business’s defense against burglary , you can:

Illuminate Your Property
Burglars are less keen to break into buildings on well-lit properties, as they suggest that a building is either occupied or expecting visitors. Illuminated landscape lighting also increases the likelihood that a passerby would spot suspicious activity that may lead to the burglar’s capture. Leaving an office or two lit can further deter a burglar by making him believe that someone is still hard at work.

Position Cameras Prominently
There is a common misconception that hidden security cameras are more effective than prominently displayed CCTV cameras. While burglars are certainly more likely to evade prominently displayed security cameras, the presence of such cameras also serves as a deterrent to burglars pondering whether or not to target a property.

Invest in State-of-the-Art Access Control Technology
From unique key card recognition to biometric fingerprint scanners, business owners have several commercial access control technologies to choose from when securing their businesses. Discuss these options with a reputable access control system provider to determine which is best-suited to your needs and preferences.

Store Valuables in a Safe
Invest in a securely anchored safe with a dual-locking mechanism. If your business handles considerable cash flow, make sure that large bills are regularly removed from registers and placed in safekeeping until they can be moved to the bank vault.

At Armstrong Lock & Security Products in Orlando, commercial access control and CCTV monitoring are two of our specialties. To learn more about how these practical and effective safety measures can ward off the majority of burglars who might set their sights on your property, give us a call at (321) 800-4982.

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