Why You Should Consider Electronic Access Control for Your Business

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The biggest problem many business owners face with security is a lack of flexibility. You want restricted access to certain areas, but not at the expense of efficiency. With an electronic access control system , you can control who can access which areas of your business and when. Read on to learn about benefits of this highly flexible security technology.

No Need to Change Locks
Most businesses have a regular employee turnover rate. With key-operated locks, there’s always the risk of former employees compromising security. Electronic access control eliminates this risk. When an employee leaves your company, you only need to deactivate his or her keycard or change a lock code on a computer. That saves you the cost and hassle of rekeying yet still preserves the security of your business.

Different Access for Different Employees
With electronic access control, you can control who has access to each individual part of your facility. If you rely on shift employees, you can encode cards that function only during working hours. You can even encode special emergency cards for the use of security and maintenance personnel. The possibilities area many, and are entirely flexible to the exact needs of your business.

Ability to Track Who Has Accessed Your Facility
Electronic access control allows you to monitor who has accessed your facility and when. Most systems have the ability to memorize the last 20 cards that were used to gain access. If an incident such as a maintenance failure or a theft should occur at your business, you will be able to track exactly who had access to your facility at that time. This can also be a useful resource for police in building a case.

If you’d like to implement electronic access control at your business, contact Armstrong Lock & Security Products of Orlando. We carry a full range of electronic security products , from push-button locks to electronic key entries. Call us at (321) 800-4982 to learn more about how we can help your business.

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